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The London DNA Foundry has brought people together from different backgrounds, skills, experiences, sectors and organisations into a creative environment to drive innovation in engineering biology

Dr David Bell, Head of Analytics & Metrology

Following a PhD and post-doctoral research at the University of Manchester, David was recruited to establish an analytical laboratory at the Biosciences Research Centre in a precursor to GSK, with responsibility for spectroscopic facilities across multiple R&D sites. After a move to a small biotech, as Head of Mass Spectrometry, David transformed the workflows used, thus making a major contribution to the ongoing success of Oxford Biotherapeutics.

Experience at the UK Chemistry National Measurement Institute, LGC, was followed by a move to the centre at Imperial College in July 2014 to establish the analytics core facility. David is responsible for analytics and metrology within SynbiCITE, providing support and advice to academics, students and partners.

Dr Soo Mei Chee, Research Associate

Soo Mei completed her PhD at The University of Manchester on the design and development of small molecule inhibitors for anticancer research. She then moved to Imperial College London where she was involved in peptide design and synthesis for ligand-binding assay development as a post-doctoral researcher. Soo Mei joined SynbiCITE in October 2015 to support the analytics core facility.



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